How to mix RTD yourself

The only product I really are the RTD-drinks. This is quite expensive, and the “pfand” is somesomething that bothers me even more - I find this extremely annoying.

What I want to do now is mix something that is as close to RTD as it can get with one of the powders. To achieve this, I have a few questions:

Which powder should I use?
Should I add something and if yes what? Inulin, or some solving agent?

Of course I would use a mixer and store it in the fridge, too.

My other idea is to take that mix and fill it in the RTD bottles, as this seems to be more tight as a shaker. If I wash them out, how long could I use one bottle approximately for that purpose?

Thank you for your advice!

Hey @mbs you’re never going to get quite there as Huel RTD is made in big industrial blenders.

I’d play around with plant-milks until you get one that gives you the creamy, thick texture that you’re after.

RTD has a higher fat content than the powder so you may want to play around with oils too.

Like you said, a mixer is a must!

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Hi mbs

I used to have a real problem with the lumps in the black mix. Even a nutri bullet blender didn’t get rid and I stopped using huel because of the texture.

Recently back in the huel game to help meet my training goals. I got 12 berry rtd and a bag of cinnamon swirl black.

The rtd went very quickly and I was dreading the black powder. I have however upgraded my kitchen equipment and now have a bamix blender which has completely changed the consistency of the drink. They are an elite cheffy machine and pricey (I used to be a chef so is worth it for me) but honestly the difference is night and day. This definitely marries up with the idea that the rtes are made with industrial equipment.

I can say that, for me, happily the bamix has cracked it. I get a smooth light airy mix that is actually pleasant to drink.

TIpps for solubility are: First cold water, then add powder,shake/blend, then add the rest of the water, shake/blend again. Store it in the fridge overnight. Maybe use some plant drink instead of water.
Or add powder not all at once but in multiple “steps”.

I’ve found that mixing 100 RTDs with two scoops of powder and 500ml water makes 101 shakes that taste almost exactly the same as a RTD

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