How to replicate store-bought Huel at home?

I have tried both the store-bought Huel and the premium black edition Huel “for home”.

However, in my opinion, the store-bought Huel tastes far nicer, and I also enjoy the after-effects more; I find that it makes me less thirsty (for some reason?), it feels easier to drink, digest and so on.

Store-bought Huel is 400 kcal. Two scoops of Huel powder is 400 kcal.

I have experimented with coconut milk and that improves the texture a bit. But I don’t know, am I imagining the difference? Has anyone experimented and found the perfect solution?

I basically want the Huel powder solution to at least taste as good as the store-bought version.

I have a blender. Still, the consistency is not as good as store-bought.

If you use the search function you’ll see this question has been asked many many times and what the responses are. It was literally asked only a few days ago.

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To add to @Coup helpful answer I suggest you use a high speed blender like a Vitamix and replace half of the water with a cream coloured emulsion paint for an accurate silky mouth feel. Blend on high speed for 24 hours and you will have a pretty close approximation.


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Store-bough Huel (Ready to Drink) does have a superior consistency compared with Black Edition. The main reason for this is that Black Edition does not contain oats, which help improve the smoothness. Another thing to consider is that Ready to Drink is blended in industrial blenders, the smoothness of which you can not directly replicate at home.

Out of curiosity, what makes you feel that Ready to Drink is easier to digest? I’d love to know your thoughts on this :pray:

Serious question… RTD and Power are obviously different recipes due to nature of each product type, but…

presumably RTD starts life as a bunch of separate ingredients that get whizzed up before water is added, could it not just go into a bag at that point instead?


Thanks Dom. I suppose I could do a bunch of research on the ingredients but here’s my take based on what I’ve read, including your comment here: oats, interesting – some suggest using oat milk to mix the powder with, which I am going to experiment with this evening. I think temperature is another factor; when Huel is perfectly cold (i.e., right out of the fridge) that can help a little bit. Another factor is the blending operation you mention which likely helps, although my blender is fairly high powered, so I’m quite pleased with the consistency achievable on that front. Another factor is that apparently the store-bought version has a higher fat content, so that perhaps using oil (or perhaps just a thicker milk alternative as a mixer) can help, maybe I could try a little bit of coconut oil as well if it can mix well.

In terms of digestion, hmm, I might be imagining it a little bit but with the powder product it makes me thirstier, noticeably so… (possibly just me being weird, though), and makes me feel like I need to eat something (I would imagine it is thirst that I can mistake for hunger/cravings). The RTD version is smoother, it feels more “hydrating”, and perhaps the industrial blending also makes it slightly easier to digest.

I have the Huel black edition. Looking at the nutritional info comparison now, it seems like the main difference is not fat but carbs/protein: RTD is much more “carby” which probably gives it better consistency, tastier, also perhaps causes less thirst. I’ve read higher protein – as the body has to break it down into amino acids which are then metabolized in the liver – produces more “nitrogen waste”, which is converted to urea and excreted through urine, and to help flush out the urea, your body may require more water, potentially causing you to feel thirstier. A big “protein dump” from Huel powder version might cause the thirst I’m feeling.

Carbs are also easier to digest than protein. RTD is also moderately lower in fibre, another factor.

So yeah, maybe I’ve answered my own question. All these factors combine seem to make sense in terms of the powdered version feeling like it “sits in my stomach” for longer, etc.

Huel Black has a massive 80% edge over RTD in protein content, so I’m tempted to almost use not 400 kcal of Huel black but like 220 kcal worth, and then fill the balance with oat milk as a test…

Interesting thoughts about protein and thirst and the ‘sits in the stomach’ thing (satiety?).

I’ve been on Essential and first impressions were that it was lighter and less substantial than Black, but after awhile it really felt good like it was just easier on the system, less substantial, but in a good way. Just thinking if maybe Essential could be tweaked to be more like RTD?

Incidentally I tried it with soya drink which was good, smoother, heavier and tasty, but when I tried a different brand of soy drink - one with maltodextrin - it really thickened the Huel up after just a few minutes, was quite a surprise.

Thanks for your patience regarding my response; I have been away.

Long story short, as you mentioned yourself, you have answered your own question, and I believe that you’re spot on! Have you had the chance to experiment with Black Edition ever since your last response in this thread?

I’d love to know how adding oat milk and some fats (ideally oil in small quantities) affects the flavour and consistency of Black Edition :grin:

Glad to see you have the same work ethic as @Tim_Huel


I’ve also been away the past 4 weeks, just so you felt right at home :heart:

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I’ve never known such a bunch of slackers as the Huel team. I’m amazed they ever got the product off the ground. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haven’t read the other replies, but as someone who is a big fan of the RTDs (and drinks them more than regular Huel), I’ve found leaving 100g (400kcals) Huel mixed with just water in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours gives a similar thickness to the RTD, but you’ll still get more graininess. The only way would be to blend it first but I imagine you’d need a fairly sharp/powerful blender to refine the oats further. This would possibly increase the GI of Huel too though (bad).

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I’m still waiting for mine.

This could possibly change the GI we would also say as the ingredients are different there will still be a flavour difference between the two so it’s down to personal preference on which product is more for you, I personally prefer the powder.

I expect the despatch team are on holiday. Give them another 6 weeks and it will be with you. They’re probably test-driving them in Barbados at the moment.