Ready to drink vs blend

Hi all.

Love the ready to drink flavours.

I’m struggling to get black edition powder scoops to be as nice as the ready to drink bottles and same smoothness etc.

Have tried blenders as well.

Does anyone have tips??


You will not be able to perfectly match RTD with Powder as they have different ingredients and different manufacturing processes.

the only way you will get close is to use a VERY high power blender AND let the shake sit for a while in the refrigerator for all the powder to be fully absorbed by the liquid. there are many other tricks and tips on other threads about this that can also help with the smoothness such as replacing part of the water with milk, using ice in the blender etc.

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So glad you love the Ready-to-drink! Which flavour are you going for at the moment?!

As Phil says, the RTD isn’t simply a ready made Huel v3.0 or Black Edition. That would be cool though! I would definitely try some of the tips suggested. Hopefully this will realign your expectations and you aren’t too disappointed. Let us know if you have any other questions and how you get along with these tips!