Blender vs New Shaker vs Ready to Drink!

Hi everyone! I used to have huel drink but found it a bit lumpy even with a battery powered shaker. I also liked ‘eating’ rather than just ‘drinking’ so switched to bars.

However, I just ordered ready-to-drink and enjoyed it (with a huel bar)

Does using a blender make it as nice as ready to drink?

Iroincally… I am just about to receive a huel-shaker 2 from DHL! (Thanks Huel!)

Should I still invest in a powered blender?

edit: looks like to get “Ready to Drink” needs a blender and overnight and more milk / ice

I was thinking this?

Thanks for your thoughts / experiences!

Hi James - if by nice you mean smooth/creamy, then no. the more powerful the blender you get, then the closer/smoother/creamier you will get to RTD however both products have different ingredients so an exact match is not possible. lots of threads on here on how to make shakes smoother if you have a little hunt around.

RTD is mixed with high power commercial blenders so to get close you’ll have to be on the high end of what is available retail - so like 1.8-2.2KW. Blender I use at home is 1.5KW and while that makes a nice smooth drink especially if your adding other ingredients - even that is not the same as RTD.

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Hi @james I have a Breville Blend Active and really like it for smoothies. However, when I use it for Huel I use a Kilner jam funnel as the blender bottle neck is quite narrow for scooping in the powder and you can easily make a mess. As @Phil_C says, RTD is made in a different way, with different ingredients to make it as smooth as it is. Blending is good for eliminating lumps and being able to add fresh or frozen fruit to your Huel powder mix.
I’m actually using the jam funnel to scoop powder into the new shaker as it’s narrower than the old one and I am using an old scoop.


Thanks for your help Phil and Bee. I’ve found a ninja nutrichef duo 1200w for £50 on gumtree… that should give the huel powder a good beating! :slight_smile: