Can huel black edition be smooth as huel ready to drink?

hi everyone, i tried huel ready to drink and it is in a fantastic product, but by buying huel black edition i can’t get the same smooth liquid as the ready to drink! am I wrong to mix? or is it impossible to obtain the same consistency? sorry for my english :pray:

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Hey Omar,

No need to apologise, your English is great!

Ready-to-drink has a slightly different formula to Black Edition (and v3.0) powder. Ready-to-drink is also blended in industrial blenders whereas you shake Black Edition with your hand to mix.

So, the texture is never going to be exactly the same. To get a closer texture you can always blend your Black Edition using a hand blender or food processer and some people find popping their made Huel in the fridge for a couple of hours helps with the texture too.


If you use a high power blender (more than a 1000w) and keep the contents within the useable capacity of the jug (often much less than actual physical capacity) you’ll get somewhere close. As Dan said, leaving it to stand in the refrigerator improves smoothness and slightly increases thickness as the powder is fully absorbed by the liquid as well as letting the air built up by the blending dissipate.

Alternatively, you could add ice or frozen fruits into the blender which will also help it bind together better and reduce the need to let it stand or thicken up. Or you could sub part of the water with almond or oat milk which also make it creamier like an RTD.


I have dumped the shaker while gyms are shut and have turned to blending mine in my Ninja Bullet. This seems to work a lot better but you won’t get near the RTD bottles.