Red Blood-Like Streaks in Mixture

There’s an old adage “If it aint broke don’t fix it”. If we still went with that we’d still be at the beginning of the 20th Century…If it aint broke, improve it should be the new version. Fix it Adage v1.2 if you wish.

Actually more like v2.0

Isn’t L-methylfolate Calcium a prescription only drug in the UK?

No, it’s permitted under vitamin formulations and mineral substances which may be added to foods in the EU

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I saw a red streak and thought it was a red piece of plastic from one of the ingredients.

However, now that I know that it is blood from the umbilical cords of orphan babies I feel much better about those little streaks, and glug those little stem cells down secure in the knowledge that they are helping prevent a slew of diseases including acid cheese reflux, spasms of the febrile sphincter, ragworm, gif pimples and goat infestations.

Some say there is no good evidence that lycopene has any real benefits, but as the wise sage Michael Gove once said, “I think people have had enough of experts”…

I agree that we don’t know everything there is to know about nutrition, but I really think there is good evidence to link lycopene to health benefits. The mechanisms that link lycopene to reduced risk of prostate cancer in men are yet to be categorically proven, but there certainly appears to be good evidence to link them.

These are the references from James’s article about lycopene:

I’m sure there are more articles and I’m sure there is research that disproves this, such is nature of science!

As evidence goes, I would personally consider this very speculative (tbf these references say as much - it is all about the “might have an effect”. I have no issue with adding it, I very much doubt it does any harm, but the evidence is nowhere near in the same league as that for lutein or zeaxanthin.

Or even fluoride. :wink:

So you take Huel, which is foremost about the nutritional value otherwise you might as well eat McDonalds, but

the visual appearance of what I am drinking or eating outweighs these

I think you will be in a minority about this one. And an investment in health is never a mistake.

I kinda think these folk invested their lives in it, continuous improvement is the name of the game and yeah, I’ve an opinion about some of the ingredients but we’re aiming for a (more or less) one size fits all optimum nutrition product here. Humans aren’t one size (metaphor intended) so there’ll always be friction around the edges. As such, I just think we should judge the product by how it makes us feel. We’re an internet generation, we get our info online and there’s often a counterargument to every argument, thus if we leave feeling out of it, we’re condemning ourselves to opinion: a battle of wills.