Hi I’m new to this drink and loving it just the right amount of everything and no crap lol.
But just lately I’ve been concerned because I’m seeing yellow and red in my drink and want to be sure that it is normal and not blood

Help me out please.

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I see that often. Is that berry flavour?

Haha thank god, thinking of the worst, but glad it’s normal, thank you.

Lol it’s the phyto-nutrients !
Its meant to be like that

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My excuse too…but mine does contain blood…My diet is 30% cannibal 70% Huel.

Lycopene is the real answer.


Don’t worry, you’re not gonna die…well not from Huel anyway :grin:

It’s indeed lycopene. You can also find this is on the website.

Lycopene is an antioxidant found primordially in cooked tomatoes and tomato paste. Hence also the red colour. If you see this, give it a good shake so it dissolves, then you know you’re having all the good bits!

Afterthought: why on earth would there be blood in Huel? :sweat_smile:

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This describes the red and yellow bits :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for your help, most appreciated lol

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If there is no blood there is no hard work. Thanks Huel!!

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Managed to wind up a friend for a good amount of time when they pointed this out to me.

But yes,

The lycopene in Huel is naturally obtained from tomatoes and maize, and added as part of the customized micronutrient blend. It is responsible for the red flecks you sometimes see in Huel.

For anyone reading and not wanting to click through.

If there is red in your berry flavour and brown in your chocolate or coffee, then you are good to go.
If there is brown in your berry and red in your chocolate or coffee, then you might need to start a new thread…