Referral code + student discount possible?

Is using a referral code + student discount possible? Or are we as students not supposed/encouraged to refer Huel to new people?
It seems that I can only add one code unfortunately.

I think this has been asked before - I don’t think its possible to ‘stack’ discount codes on a single purchase but you should check with the customer service team.

Can students get the student discount and the subscription discount?

it would appear so yes

I’m afraid only one discount code can be used at a time.

We definitely want to encourage you guys to refer people, as the Student discount code is 10% off and the refer a friend discount is £10 off an order it completely depends on which code at the time is more beneficial for you and entitles you to the most discount on that particular order.

Yes if you add student discount to a subscription, you still get the subscription discount :slight_smile: