£10 referral code, 10% student discount and subscriptions

Hi everyone! I’m a student and I wanted to share some feedback / a solution idea. As a student I get to enjoy a 10% discount with a subscription though there are a few points I’d like to make when it comes to using the £10 off code that you get from referring a friend.

Point 1
You can only use £10 off on the subscriptions service, if no other discount is applied (which of course is pretty standard)

Point 2
Students should be able to add £10 off even with 10% discount applied (this depends likely on rate of the average use of referral codes over the course of a year - see point 3)

Point 3
Having 10% student discount + 10% subscription + £10 off is clearly not financially viable.

Point 4 - solution idea!!
There should be a way that you can add the £10 off code from your subscription, without the 10% student discount being applied. Or any other form of discount where applicable.

Point 5
Every time that I do get a £10 off code generated, I have to delete my subscription and then add the items again to make use of it. It would be sooooo much easier if I didn’t have to cancel and resubscribe to add the £10 off code.

There are some points I’m likely missing out or unaware of so, it’d be great to get a deeper understanding the solution idea made in point 4

Cheers everyone! :hugs:

Harry, I’m so sorry, I was sure I replied to this. I was getting some information from the teams responsible for these areas and must have forgotten to respond. Many apologies.

Student discount was set up so it would be automatically applied to every upcoming order to save people from having to do it manually every time (and potentially miss out on that discount). But I can totally see where a £10 discount might be worth more than the student 10% discount, so a function to remove/edit discounts is a very reasonable and great request which I will be sure to pass on.

Would be nice if the discount vouchers last longer than three months. Some of mine will expire before I can use them.