Student discount not applying to subscriptions?

Hi there,

I put the granola on subscription and paid with the student discount for the first batch.

However, when I checked the subscription page it showed the pre discount price, so I clicked ‘apply discount’ and popped it in. A green banner came up saying it worked but the sum to pay has remained the same.

Do you know if this means the next batch has a discount applied and just wont show it until I get billed or has something gone wrong there? I did it a few times. with the same result.

Also, I assume i’ll have to add the code every time a new delivery is coming.

EDIT: Just tried to buy the new huel bars on subscription (and huel powder as a test afterwards) but it says the code is not recognised. I have so far only used it once for the granola and when I tried using it on the next shipment…related?

Hope I’m not gonna amount my student savings to only 75p on granola :joy:

Thank you.

EDIT 2: Just checked if Studentbeans would give me the same code; it didn’t. The new code worked in getting a discount for the first order in the subscription but same result in the subscription screen when the discount is attempted. Tried logging into SB yet again but gave me the same code as just used.