Flavour boost pack discount not working?

Hi, Just trying to follow the instructions to get the flavour boost pack at the discounted price of £1.50. I’m trying to buy 2 bags of vanilla huel on a subscription, I go to the checkout and nothing appears.

Is there not a simpler way of applying this discount vs a popup?


Don’t think it works on subscription

It should work on subscription, we’ve actually just turned it off for the moment due to a couple of technical errors but I tried ordering Huel via our German website and was successfully able to add the discounted flavour pouch on subscription.

At what stage did it stop working?

  • Did you see the pop up?
  • Did the Flavour samples appear in your basket and disappear? Or did it never appear in your basket?
  • Did you try an incognito browser or clearing your cookies and cache? Or using a different device?

Sorry for the issue, I’d like to try and replicate this and see what is happening.


No pop up appears so there is nothing to click. I have tried this on normal google chrome and incognito.


Thanks for that. Have you tried again today? We turned it off yesterday but it’s back up and working for me.

The flavour pack is working now, but when I go to check out the price for the £40.50 huel is going back up to £45. Is this a known issue?