Huel student discount unavailable [but now available!]


Is the Huel student discount still available through Student Beans? I have tried to access it but I’m met with the message:

Request Huel student discount
Sorry, Huel isn’t offering a student discount right now. Register now and be the first to know when a Huel student discount is available.



I noticed the same, just as I went to order. I’m delaying the order now until I know I can/can’t get student discount because it’s going to be a big influence in whether I continue using Huel due to price.


This is a huge problem! I was just about to order a load of bars but didn’t copy my multi-use code, so I went to find it again and apparently it’s disappeared!

Guys what are you playing at?!


Hi guys, sorry about this, see my post here:

We’re working on this and can’t apologise more for the inconvenience.


Ah no! I’ve just finished my first batch and wanted to place a subscription order - hope the discount comes back soon!


I would have liked using this too, oh well :confused:



Was going to try Huel for the first time found a £10 off referral code but when I click it I get

“Sorry, there’s a delay processing your reward.
We’ll contact you by email.
By accepting this offer you agree to the Terms and Conditions

No email received though, any ideas?



Same happened to me with the £10 referral code


This same error message has been present for the last 24hrs -Does anyone know when this is likely to be resolved?


“Sorry, Huel isn’t offering a student discount right now. Register now and be the first to know when a Huel student discount is available.”


Hi! Any news on this @TimOfficialHuel Last update was from Feb 6th. :sunglasses:


Sorry to say there is no update.


One would think it is hardly difficult to have a student discount in place… I understand it’s a discretionary benefit to have but being pulled under the guise of ‘we’re having problems with it’ seems strange given how easy it should be. Everyone from a small time single person software developer all the way up to Apple has these discounts no problem, and in many cases through the easy UNiDAYS system.


@TimOfficialHuel any progress this week?


I will update you when we make progress on this.


sorry to bump this but i’ve been following this for a couple of months. Any ETA? :cowboy_hat_face:


Any luck Tim?

Just started my Open University degree, would be super exciting to see a discount on my Huel as a result :grin:


@TimOfficialHuel can swedish residents get a student discount? Showing proof of a valid student ID possibly?


Thought i’d see if there is any progress a few months on? :cowboy_hat_face:


No progress, sorry. Keep using your referral discounts is the message for now.