Huel student discount unavailable [but now available!]


Would love to see a student discount available.


/ditto seems to be broken for me as well


Whoosh. What’s the latest?


Just discovered Huel for the first time. I love the ethics behind it!!

I’d love to know if/when student discount will become available again (I think we all would :joy:)…

Unidays has been mentioned a few times, it seems like the best way as not only do they verify for you, you’ll get a wider audience!


Any news on this one team Huel?


Any news @TimOfficialHuel? It shouldn’t really be beyond Huel to have put up a replacement discount over the course of 11 months…


Hey David, good news. Student Discount launched early last week :tada: We wanted to wait a little while before the official announcement just in case of any little snags that needed fixing.


Excellent news! :tada:


YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Chuffed. At least my Open University comes in useful for some things. :grin:


So, can this discount be applied to a subscription?


Is that uk only


How about a discount for us older farts :grinning:


Presumably over 60s who’ve only just started on Huel? :wind_face:


Can we have a discount for the unemployable?


Currently yes.