Student discount 1 time use?


I just found out that a student discount has been added, but it says it is a one time use code and another wont be generated for 365 days…

Does this mean I only get a discount on one order?

Also, I took a picture of the code but probably wont use it for a while if it’s only one time, will it work in, say, a month?


From what I could tell you use the same code repeatedly whenever you buy, so you can reuse it. It refreshes for the new academic year.

Good question and I’m sorry it isn’t clearer. Here’s what you need to know:

Your discount code can be re-used until September 2018, when you will need to generate a new code for the following academic year.

The message that pops up saying this…

…is incorrect and hard-coded by Student Beans and we can’t take it away.

So feel free to use your unique discount code on any order that meets the criteria and just come back in September to get a new code!

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That’s amazing, thank you so much, to you and to everyone that got this sorted!! It’s honestly a huge help!

Hello! May I know how to get the student discount? :slight_smile:

It was removed. :frowning:

No news on it coming back, I queried it a few times but no response. Don’t particularly care, but it’d be good to save a few quid I guess.

Noooo :’( Yeah same haha :confused: Just thought it was back since they wrote “until September 2018” up there