Huel Student Discount - Savings up to 27% off their order?


According to this, a student can get up to 27% off their order. I tried ordering some Huel but I can only enter one discount code at the checkout; can someone explain to me how the up to 27% discount works if you can only enter one discount code?

Thanks in advance.

Thought the same. It’s badly worded.

I think it’s implying you can get your 10% off using your code as well as the usual discount applied when you buy through subscription.

Order more bags means a discount aswell, the subscription and student discount on top of it.
Though, I don’t think it stops at approx. 27% :sweat_smile:

I had a chat with Julian directly via IM and got some clarity on the issue. The discounts refer to the Student Discount, the bulk purchase discount, and the subscription discount.

Thanks for the responses. I hope this thread helps other people understand how the full 27% discount works.

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