Student Discount Issue

I’m trying to add a student discount code to a subscription. The student page says: “This can be used alongside the bulk and subscription discount which is automatically applied at checkout.”

I looked on this help article to see where to put the code:

Despite is saying it can be used alongside the subscription discount, there isn’t a way of adding a code as it says “Discount code applied. You saved £x.xx on this delivery.” which I presume is the subscription discount.

Please advise.

I just tried creating a new subscription as a test and it lets me add the code. Do I need to cancel my existing 3 subs and set them up again with the code applied?

Hmmmm the subscription discount isn’t a code / add-on like the student discount so that shouldn’t be causing a problem. Something isn’t right though so I’ll look into it with the team for you.

It’s likely that you currently have a different code applied which is why you’re getting an error message (could be a past student discount or a RAF or something) and you might not be able to see it.

Would you mind emailing the team at and they’ll get it sorted for you?

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Thanks Dan.

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