Returning powder packaging

The Huel powder bags seem like the sort of thing that could be recycled, but probably only at huge commercial scale rather than individual council collection. If that’s true, would Huel be up for providing a return label with orders that we could stick to the empty bag (folding other empty bags inside it) and throw into the post office to return? Means Huel could be zero-waste for the customer and the company could handle the disposal of them en masse.

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the current MLP bags are not suitable for conventional recycling - at least not in the UK - but thats changing:

oh man I missed that - thanks so much for sharing :smiley: very cool.

Well, never mind then I guess! (Although a return system might still encourage people to make more of an effort than they might otherwise?)

They make good sturdy and washable/reusable bags for travel sickness.

Also good for taking along to a no-packaging shop to fill with rice, oats, lentils, pasta, whatever. :recycle: