RTD in retail?

You can also buy a single bottle of each flavour direct from Huel when placing a larger order.

I’ll give Selfridges a go. Central Line from Liverpool Street Station :steam_locomotive: seems easy enough.

I just purchased another 2 bottles with my recent 2 bag powder order, £3.50 each.

I would love it if Huel was more widely available in mainstream shops, it would make eating on the go so much easier!


Same, but i can’t see it happening anytime soon as i imagine it would greatly increase costs.

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Selfridges is the only place right now! Retail is interesting to us for sure. What sort of places do you want to be seeing Huel?


Any or all of the supermarkets would be great, if the Tesco express or Sainsbury’s local by work had them I would be buying them often. Could try health-food shops like Holland & Barrett first I suppose


Any of the big 4 supermarkets would be good, i would love to be able to stop in there in my way to work.

I like the idea of Holland & Barrett, with it being a national chain it wouldn’t matter where i’m traveling i would still be able to stop in and get my lunch.

I would say you are spot on here. These two are the main ones that I always visit when looking for a grab.

Do Selfridges sell fridges? You could get them to stock Huel branded mini-ones for camper vans.


My town has one of the biggest wholefood shops in the country. They do sell several protein powders as well as their own hemp protein. No RTD stuff tho. That sort of shop. Wholefoods in London would be good. I like the idea of Huel being in smaller indies rather than supermarkets, but then again supermarkets is where the dollar can be made.

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Best idea ever.
I would totally buy one

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It’s also where you can grab one when you need one. There’s no alternative, independent, or eco / indie stores near where I live or work. If there were I would actually have less need for Huel…
As it is, there’s only corner shops or mainstream supermarkets with the usual choice of chocolate or crisps or sandwiches if you need an emergency lunch

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Why is that?

Cos I like supporting independents over multinationals where/when I can.


Yeah fair enough but I’m not sure whole foods comes under that category!

Also just thought, Boots would be a good option since they have a good lunch-to-go section


Completely disagree with selling in Holland Barratt. It’s notorious for selling fad weight loss products and overpriced crap like every protein powder on the planet.

Putting Huel in there would make me think Huel is a gimmick too.


To be honest, even as I suggested it I did think it would look gimmicky af in there

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I agree and I didn’t mean to post that they were both similar outlets (apart from selling the same sort of products) but having re-read it I can see that I sort of did LOL. There’s a great little supermarket called GreenBay a few hundred metres from a Wholefoods in NE London that I’d prefer to see it in.