Londoners! Get down to Selfridges for RTD


No way!! Are you guys there all day?

Ben has just left unfortunately as we managed to use all our samples up in a few hours! Crazy. However, we will look to repeat in the near future, don’t worry!

However, you can still purchase a single RTD in Selfridge’s :+1:


Nice! Although given there was a bit of a price gap I’ll stick with buying it directly from you lot!

Wow £4.49 a bottle, I will wait until the pound shop start selling them…


:man_shrugging: Selfridge’s eh! It’s a first step and a big one for us!


Selfridges is a rip for everything, that doesn’t reflect on Huel at all. :blush: Shame as I’m in London today, could have popped in if I’d followed social more closely!

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meh. I’ve given up on all that and no longer have any social media presence. Decided it wasn’t worth the effort. I can understand a business needing a presence on it but no reason why this promotion couldn’t also have been advertised on the forum.

Yeah, interesting you mention that. I’m gradually distancing myself the other I get. Back at 19/20 it was everything. Now, at 23, I quite frankly couldn’t care less. Scares me how sucked in people are!

Doesnt reflect huel ?

Who is it selling Selfridges their stock lol

Yeah, Huel quite clearly wholesale RTD via this website.

Selfridges obviously said “We’ll stock it if you give us a phat mark up and let us sell for £4.50?”

Just standard London retail really…

Facebook was the main one I used. When it first came along it was actually decent enough but modern Facebook is just a dump of turd mainly made up of pointless videos, pictures, attention seekers and advertising. “Having someone on Facebook” also gives the false impression you are friends with this person. You haven’t actually directly spoken to them in years but because you’re friends on Facebook you sort of think you’re still friends.

I found I was checking it multiple times a day largely through habit and for every 10 minutes of browsing I may find 30 seconds of something of value.

I accept it is very useful for a business and social media campaigns are useful as a “class action style” thing Joe Public can do to gang up on a business. But as a tool for keeping in touch with my friends, no thanks.

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So basically its the opposite of what you said and everything to do with huel seems though they are the ones agreeing to the huge mark up and stocking them

Its no issue, just you saying its nothing to do with huel is completely false

I don’t know mate, not even interesting enough to carry on the conversation. Cool though and an exciting development.

@Coup Just realised I pretty much do exactly what you’ve described several times a day… Mindlessly wander Instagram and Facebook for maybe 20 seconds of useful content…

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Will they be rolled out in all Selfridges? :smiley:

@Tim_Huel Where are they in Selfridges? Looked around and couldn’t find… Staff said “We don’t sell that”, I’m like uh???

Tweet implies food hall?

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In the fridge in the food hall! But also somewhere else too. I’ll find some pictures, however if you go to our Instagram (I know you don’t use it but you shouldn’t have to log in. And click the Announcements highlight, there’s a video walking through.

Also realise you’ve probably now left…unless you slept there.