Spotted in Selfridges


That price…


Wouldn’t place it next to Coca Cola, but hey… that’s me :joy:

And here on the forum I’ve seen people not being happy about the price on sub :sweat_smile:


That’s selfridges for you, I bet the can of coke is about £3


I was more surprised to actually see Huel in store! Didn’t realise it’s now in retailers. Anywhere else?

Not yet. Bit more info here

£4.49 !! :scream:

who’d pay that ??!!

If I was out in London, hungry and had nothing on me to eat then I would because I’d easily spend that on some junk from somewhere.

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I don’t know how much they sell for on this Huel site, suppose I should check really, just a shock reaction to seeing the cost at £4.49 ! Thought it was labelled incorrectly at first

It is twice the price than from Huel. But for that you are paying for a shop to open a crate, stack and chill individually and sell individually (all at London prices).

Nobody would bulk buy from Selfridges but as a single purchase I would pay it if I had nothing else to eat.

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Selfridges make a lot of money from debit note claims, for things like missed deliveries or certain items missing from shipments. They charge several hundreds pounds per claim and it takes ages to dispute it. They make their money either way.

They do mark up a ton, all the big stores do: selfridges John Lewis etc. All our products tended to double in price in selfridges but go to a corner shop down the street and you would see it at a really reasonable price.

There’s a saying with department stores. “If you lined a shelf in John Lewis with cabbages and put a price of £5 a cabbage. They would sell out”

Really nice seeing the product out there. Looks really great!!!

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It’s certainly a price that only Selfridges can justify! We have little control over the finished price. Great to hear you’re all pumped to see it in store.

Most expensive (1 case; single purchase) = £3.08/bottle
Most cost effective (6 cases; sub) = £2.36/bottle