Huel RTD in Tesco

I saw a photo today of Huel RTD in Tesco.

Kept that quiet.

There is plenty in Sainsbury’s Swansea this evening by the way.


On offer for £3 at Sainsbury’s near me in midlands


I don’t think the prices are as awful as a lot of folk on Facebook are suggesting. As was mentioned, it’s a similar price to say a meal deal, just a proper balanced meal. The same argument applies to those saying it’s way pricer than a flavoured milk drink. So it should be, it’s a full meal.


Yes it was 3£ in swansea

What, Facebook folk being Ignorant and vocal? No way!!


Huel RTD is for sale in BP Garage in their M&S shop in Colchester

Yes it’s been in some BP garages for a while now. Only saw yesterday about Tesco.

Not yet in our Tesco. I know Tesco now have Clubcard price deals, I wonder if this too will apply to Huel?

Who knows. It is often on sale in Sainsbury’s so could do I guess. Not sure how the clubcard deals work. They do change quite frequently.

Sure as hell is! Saw it and was like ‘say waaaaaa’ so had to snap it. This was in a superstore Tesco in Somerset :v: Only chocolate flavour though :frowning:

Of course somebody would have spotted this before I did :rofl:

If it’s a new product it will depend on how many sales it produces. It may be get clubcard offer at some point though I won’t know that . . . yet. Here’s to colleague discount :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :beers:


need some branding on the SRT’s there @Tim_Huel :slight_smile:

Posting an opinion on facebook makes it irrelevant immediately :upside_down_face:
Unless it’s an informed one which is a rarity

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So pumped to see you guys excited about us in Tesco! Sorry for keeping this one quiet, we’ve been rolling slowly into stores the last week, and we don’t like to mention it until the stores have had some time to get it on the shelves. Otherwise we’ll announce it and all the comments will be “no it’s not!”

We will release a store list soon. We’re so excited to be in more and more stores so you can pick up Huel when you’re out and about! We’re in so many different places now! I will update this post when I’ve got a full list of all the places you can pick up an RTD :raised_hands:

Update - All the stores we’re in (n.b. doesn’t mean we’re in every single one of these retailers’ stores!):
Sainsbury’s, BP, Moto Services, WH Smith, Tesco, David Lloyd, Nuffield Health, Appleby Westward, Ocado.

AND a very exciting one…Heathrow T5. In Huel branded vending machines. With a massive RTD bottle on top of them. And they’re digital screen and all black. :black_large_square: :fire:


Very cool, congratulations!

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Yes I totally agree. It’s a full meal for £3 which I think is a bargain!

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Wow! That’s amazing - Thank you! Good to know when I’m in town with the kids that I don’t need to traipse over to Sainsburys when I’ve forgotten to pack myself any lunch! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is fantastic news, hope they have them in the Metro Stores as I don’t tend to use Tesco these days.

I can see them as orderable on their web page but only Vanilla and Chocolate.

Added a 5* review for each RTD on their web page


You’re the real MVP! Thanks so much!

We won’t be in Metros/Expresses yet I don’t believe! I presume we have to prove ourselves in the superstores first!


You’re always top of my Superstars list @Tim_Huel

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