Huel RTD for less than £2.50

In case anyone fancies getting some, go here - no Huel black yet: Search: 5 results found for "huel" — Buysnacksuk

10% off your first order too. I didn’t order Huel but something else and they enclosed a voucher for 10% off second order.

Same price as costco but more flavours. I am now tempted to look elsewhere now the 10% subscription has been moved and the DDS discount has been stopped.

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I am amazed I can pick up the bars for £1.75 in Tesco with a Clubcard …

The rtds and bars are in so many places now you can usually find them cheaper than buying direct now.

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Really? The cheapest I saw them in Tesco is 2 quid.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve been ordering 8 boxes a fortnight from Huel at a cost of £273.60 so this will save me around £100 a fortnight.
How are the best before dates? There was a spell when Huel started sending out boxes that were dated 8 months before the best before date on a previous order which I found a put off.
That said, they’ve sold out of my flavour Vanilla.
Edit: I’m talking s***. I thought it was too good to be true £21.99 for 12 bottles. It’s actually £21.99 for 8 bottles. It’s still a saving but more like a tenner not taking into account the 10% off for first order.

I don’t know with regards to Huel as I was actually buying different products (flapjacks) and their expiry dates were May 2025 so definitely not short dated stock. I know I have posted a link to foodcircle supermarket website which does sell short dated products but this company does not appear to be doing that.

Retailers are often doing promos on Huel – they just come and go – H&B doing a buy one 2nd at half price on Daily A-Z’s, Tesco doing clubcard pricing on bars at £1.75 etc

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