Huel RTD in Tesco

I’m going to have to check my dictionary because I thought those words meant something else.

Cute. Dw you’re also an MVP :heart:

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Minimum Viable Product?

Martyn is the most valuable player.
Hunzas is the most viable product.


When we have Huelival can we kick off by making a pilgrimage to the huel vending machine of Heathrow?

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Anyone tried the RTD drinks without them being cold? I have a climb in a few weeks and will be away with no fridge, I wanted to take some bottles of RTD with me, anyone tried them as they come and if so are they drinkable?

I’ve had vanilla and berry RTD’s at ambient temperature before and while I much prefer them cold – they are perfectly fine. Taste is basically signals your brain deals with and a significant part of your brains interpretation of taste is driven by perception and expectation. So because your brain is EXPECTING it to be cold – it will definitely have a WTF moment which may affect how you like it – even though the actual taste of the product is the same :blush:


Yep, they are fine to drink at ambient temperature; I’ve even drunk them warmer when they are in a tent that has heated up.

To go back on thread though, I saw my first Tesco Huel yesterday…in a town called Shepton Mallet. Only had chocolate. The same store used to have Soylent RTD a couple of years ago. The Huel is in the fridge, the Soylent was on the shelf.

Love a room temperature RTD. No problem at all.

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Sainsbury’s always have them in the fridge. My local has three of the four flavours. Still waiting for Banana but in the meantime I just had a delivery of 12 to keep me going. I’ll keep them out of the fridge and take some with me.

My local Sainsbury’s is quite small. It used to stock Huel with the small selection of protein powder and diet powder shakes and bars, over the past year it has now moved into fridge with plant milks and other dairy based shakes. Only ever has berry and chocolate

Were you at Glastonbury you Cheddar Rat?
I’d love to be back there drinking warm rtd in a tent

Was I at Glastonbury as in the festival? Yes I was. I am every year…that it is on

Lucky! I was at the last few working for vendor cos I didn’t get tickets.

Hi, my local Tesco Extra stocks Huel RTD Vanilla and Chocolate - they have an offer on at the moment… If you scan your Clubcard upon purchasing RTD you get them for £3 instead of the regular £3.50.

I like to always have a stock of 6 Vanilla RTD and always replenish them when I get to my last 3.

Hope that may be useful?

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Every little helps.

Took two bottles with me when I did a 10 mile route around scafell, they actually were really nice at room temp! This opens up so many doors!

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