Huel part of Sainsburys meal deal

Huel is part of Sainsbury’s meal deal now.

Huel + Drink + Snack.

I guess it’s supplanting the sandwich or pasta(?) But it feels odd to me to have two drinks for lunch.

Also; the meal deal with Huel costs £5 instead of £3.50.

I guess Huel marketing will have to stop selling the benefits of Huel vs the poor nutrition of meal deals now? Quite the win for Sainsburys.


I know Tesco has a premium meal deal that is more expensive than regular ones £5 rather than 3.50). Does Sainsbury’s do similar?

I don’t actually view RTD as a drink though and often have something else alongside it - water, juice, buckfast


My local Sainsbury’s Huel offering is a bit rubbish of late tho…

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It’s a winner for sure, but I definitely view Huel as a drink.

I suppose the argument can be made it’s like soup, but soup is at least eaten with a spoon rather than straight drunk from a bottle.

I’ve not eaten meal deals for years (partly due to Huel actually), so not sure on the premium thing, strikes me they’re just trying to charge more for the same.

Back in my day (groans for achy bones) the meal deal was only £2.99

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I do see what you’re getting at, personally, I have water alongside most of my Huel meals.
Now Huel is improving the meal deal concept rather than replacing it, I guess. :slight_smile: