Samples for v2.2


On the website, the samples pouches are still labelled as v2.1. I was hoping to grab a sample bag of v2.2.


Hey Jay,

We are no longer doing the 100g samples of Huel. The problem with them is that they do not give most a good opportunity to experiment. As this forum as consistently documented, everyone likes their Huel different! A one shot, 100g sample just wasn’t good enough. That’s why we have worked hard to improve our starter bundle with the shaker, scoops, continuous improvements in the ‘Let’s Get Started’ guide and additional recipe cards.

The beauty of this bundle is that it gives you an more opportunity to try out and experiment with different flavours, consistencies and recipes to find your perfect Huel. Taste can be adjusted so easily!

I appreciate this wasn’t the answer you wanted but I know that with the current starter bundle you’ll be able to quickly get Huel the perfect way you want it!

I had the same issue - desperately want to try huel but a bit apprehensive of spending £40 odd pound, it arriving & me not being able to drink it & then having £38.40 ish of unusable powder in the cupboard! When I emailed the response I got basically said “yeah but you’ll get a free tshirt & shaker” as though that makes everything okay!

I do kind of get the whole answer about one sample drink isn’t enough, especially when you read so many times that people make the first one ‘wrong’ or lumpy.

I know it says start with the vanilla but I’m a bit concerned with the number of people saying it’s too sweet & the number of sweetners in it, (is there not the argument/theory that sweeteners ‘trick’ the body into expecting sugar & then when it doesn’t come the brain tells the body it wants more?)

Would it not be best starting with the unsweetened & either adding a flavour or adding something natural like a banana or honey, (I guess then you’d have to adjust the amount of huel if you were working on calories - is it the same with the flavours, e.g. Instead of adding flavour to the normal amount of scoops add flavour & slightly reduce the weight/number of scoops to take into account the calories in the flavour?)

I’m so close to ordering but just have this massive concern it’ll be disgusting, I’ll not be able to drink it & it’ll be a complete waste of money?!?!?


I’d try Vanilla. Taste is completely subjective, and I for one have never found the taste too sweet, nor have I had any problems with texture or lumps.

Thank you for the answer, unfortunately I don’t need another shaker, scoops, or recipe cards. I just need to see if I can get on with the new thicker mixture after my stash of v1.2 has gone. £40 is a lot of money to spend on something I suspect I won’t get on with (v2.1 had me spending £400+ in one hit on the last of the v1.2)

Perhaps you’d consider a larger sample bag, not just for old timers but for new people too? A £10 bag sounds reasonable, maybe £15 with the flavour samples I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere on the forum. I’m pulling these numbers out of nowhere, of course.

Add my name to yours on the “Like a trial list”. I’m keen to try Huel for the first time, but not at £40+.

As above, want to try it but not willing to lump £40 on something I haven’t tried yet.