Selling 4 unopened bags of vanilla


Bought huel back in Feb to combat a skin outbreak which I thought was down to incomplete nutrition of some sort, skin problem now solved without huel and I love food so not fussed about staying on the powder although I thought it tasted decent.

Bags are currently in Germany so for the moment it’s better if the buyer is also there but I’m moving back to England in July, so could then send to a UK buyer.

Price will be calculated so that the buyer pays around 10-15% less than they would on the website including postage.

Cheers and good luck with your huel journeys whatever your motivation may be!

So do we! Obviously we consider Huel food, since well, it is! But I realise you mean traditional, non Huel food though. The thing is that there is room for both, most here don’t eat Huel 100% of the time. Sometimes nutrition takes priority, sometimes enjoyment takes priority, and sometimes convenience does. It’s about prioritising. In the evenings I take pride in making a delicious home cooked meal for my family. However, during my lunch break at work my priority is nutrition and convenience.

If your only reason for getting rid of your Huel is that you don’t think you can include both then I would suggest there are many times when Huel would be useful, it’s not about one or the other!