Serving Sizes


I just restarted my subscription and I’m going back to two meals a day. However when looking online I noticed that the serving size is now two scoops rather than the one cup (three scoops) that it used to be. Do the bags still have the same amount of powder or are they smaller? I used to be able to get a week of shakes in one bag if I did two one-cup shakes per day. Or, are the scoops bigger? Any clarification is appreciated.



When you say “when looking online” where are you looking?

What size serving you have is up to you. I have two scoops, but some people have more (and some a lot more) than that. The bag size hasn’t changed.

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I’m guessing you’re posting from USA (?) as you’re referring to ‘cups’ and the UK packaging hasn’t ever referred to ‘one cup’ as being the measurement as far as I know.
The best way to answer your question would be to check the bag weight rather than individual meal info.
If it is US measurements you might want to head over to the US forum as I know the ingredients and nutritional info varies very slightly between regions due to regulations in different countries.

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Yep can confirm that US scoops are bigger than UK scoops, I think there were some efforts to simplify the process over there so it will have changed since you last ordered

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