Should I keep trying...?

Hi all,

I’m a hugely fussy eater unfortunately and so seeing something that would give me a healthy balanced diet that might be inoffensive to my “palate” got me interested.

I got the 100g trial pack (vanilla), 500ml water, and a blender. Both chilled and unchilled, I simply got the overwhelming sense that I was being asked to drink chalk. Could not drink the stuff. My question is - if my first reaction is this strong, will chucking in strawberry flavour, or doubling the water, make any real difference?

I use 3 scoops with however much water will fit in my 600ml shaker. I can still generally feel a powdery texture, which I believe some people associate with it being “chalky”. When adding a banana, strawberries, cocoa powder or other mixers to alter the flavour I still find that I can taste the powdery texture even more due to there being less water overall.

I’d suggest trying it again if you can with a bit more water to try to get rid of the powdery taste and adding some of your own natural flavours like fresh fruit to see if it makes a difference before going ahead to try Huel’s flavours.

Some frozen fruit does wonders.

I find that a ripe banana smooths everything out. Also if you leave it in the fridge for a little while it thickens up a bit. Although that might not be to your taste either!

You could try making it the night before and leaving it in the fridge. You might find it smoother after it’s had some time to settle.

Thanks all - Ill give it another shot and try some combinations of additives

The amount of time you leave it (in the fridge or not) also affects the flavour and sweetness :smile:


I have only been having the vanilla flavoured Huel, but I add some cold coffee to it and also put some chocolate flavour from Huel - it does the trick for me!

Don’t use hot coffee though - Huel will clog together.