Chalky texture and taste

Hi guys, I’ve just ordered my first Huel, 2x bags of vanilla. I mixed up my first meal today in a blender, 2 scoops of Huel and a banana as well as water. I can’t get over the chalky taste it leaves in my mouth while I am drinking it and also after I have finished it, leaving a really gross film in my teeth. Any suggestions of how to get rid of this chalky taste? Its honestly making me gag a little every time I drink it!

I’ve never tried it with banana, but I could easily believe that the acidity in the fruit I’ve tried has a very different interaction to bananas.

I’ve blended it with many other kinds of fruit (strawberries, cherries, redcurrants, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries) and never experienced noticeable chalkiness. When I use those fruit, it’s with three scoops of Huel (2 U/U, 1 vanilla, mainly), plus water to fill it up to ~700ml.

Maybe try a few other ways of taking it? I started off just taking vanilla straight up — it’s a bit boring but drinkable; you should at least see whether your experience of chalkiness is from pure Huel or the Huel+banana interaction.

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I can’t physically drink Huel on its own so I can’t test it like that. I might try adding more water next time, I only added about 400ml and it was quite thick.

Try adding in a tablespoon full of cocoa powder? That’s what I do, it covers the taste up completely and makes it pretty much like a chocolate milkshake :slight_smile:

Hey there.

I personally don’t have this problem - but I’ve literally JUST this second finished a run, and necked x 1 scoop of Vanilla Huel with chopped up Peach.

It leaves like a slight sweet, silky almost pulpy feel to it - this may help? Just an idea. I like Huel on it’s own, but finding adding bits to it makes it even better!


Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this tonight with some whittards hot chocolate and it was a lot easier to drink. Got kinda sickly towards the end though so I think I would make a smaller portion next time.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve got some mixed berries to try next but I will give peach a go after

I put a shot of espresso ( instant works too) in mine. Really nice. Sometimes with a teaspoon of cocoa too for a mocha flavour at lunchtime.

No problem :slight_smile:

Just another thought, are you using drinking chocolate or cocoa powder? If you use straight up cocoa powder (with no added sugar) that makes it less sweet as well!

Seconding the coffee recommendation. Yesterday I tried a combination of a tablespoon full of cocoa powder, and half a teaspoon of instant coffee, it was great :+1:

I used drinking chocolate as the calories in cocoa powder seemed way more. I’ll try it with the cocoa powder next time though :slight_smile:

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Also try cacao. If you find the vanilla Huel a bit sweet then it’s definitely worth considering either shifting to additional flavourings that aren’t so sweet, or (if you order more) picking up a bag of U/U so you can mix in sweet flavours without going over the top. As you get used to it, you may find your palate changes too: I started off drinking sweeter variations but now usually go for mostly U/U.

If you look for flavour topics in the forum you’ll find crazy stuff. Quite a popular one (a friend of mine loves it) is a kind of satay, where you blend in peanut butter and chilli…