Sneak energy

Anyone heard of sneak energy?

Its supposedly a healthier alternative to energy drinks.
Its a powder that you mix with water in a shaker and their website has t-shirt, hoodies and a live chat option.

Sound familiar?

Looks a lot like G Fuel

Did you try it?

I have been using Sneak for many years and I still like it very much, however I am very doubtful about the health claims of Sneak, would be very interesting if someone here at Huel could check it out and give their oppinion :slight_smile:

It’s not really our place to do that, but after a quick look around I don’t really see anything major that they’re claiming.

I’m sorry, I might have worded it a bit wrong, I don’t mean claims like it’s good for you or something like that, I just mean their advertisements are very " We don’t contain any bad stuff " kinda vibe, and me who’s just a regular person doesn’t know what the effects are of the ingredients.

Thanks for explaining.

Personally I don’t like terms such as “no junk” because they are so subjective. Sneak is a caffeinated supplement, it’s up to you if that’s your thing. Compared to energy drinks that are high in sugar, I like Sneak from that angle, but that’s about it.

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Ah okey, thank you! :smiley:

I have used Sneak for some time now, it’s cheaper than buying cans, however the ones I do buy doesn’t have any sugar either.
And my stomache hates Coffee, so what I am after in a product like Sneak is a caffeinated drink with as little bad stuff as possible, while still tasting OK :sweat_smile:( Yes, I am also drinking Tea, but in a slow morning that does nothing for me.)

I tend to avoid such products as I’d rather make sure I get enough sleep.
I suppose it could be useful on long drives which completely wipe me out no matter how much sleep I get

Yeah, my dicipline to go to bed is horrible, I stay up waay to long, and everyday I think I will go to be earlier, but that never happens…
And then I work longer because I arrive late to work, and the cycle continues.

You’re really damaging yourself living like that.

No amount of “healthy” energy drinks are going to make you feel better than stopping making excuses and simply getting a good night sleep :wink:


Agree with @Tristan Going to bed late and getting up late turns into a vicious circle which can be difficult to break and really unhealthy. Reaching for energy drinks will only make the problem worse in the long run. Do you remember what kicked all this off in the first place? Getting into a more healthy sleep/wake routine should make you feel so much better all round.

That makes sense and if it works for you then okay. There are other tea-like products out there with more caffeine which could be something you like.

Caffeine stays around in the body for quite a long time so as long as you’re not having having one of these products within 8 hours of going to sleep, that should minimise any affects on your sleep habits.