Nesquik + Huel and milk - It's Amazing!

I just made Huel with milk and banana nesquik. OMG!!!

I’m tempted to mix a different flavour into a few large bags pre-mixed its so good!!

The Strawberry one makes it the same taste and almost consistancy as McDonalds milkshakes. This will be my desert huel lol.


Interesting might try it out.

I’ve recently tried Almond Milk which is a nice change. Hazelnut milk is also good. I feel like Nesquik+Milk kinda makes it less healthy but I might try one as a treat.

2 and a half scoops hule, bit of Nesquik, you’ll be in heaven. Stawberry seems to work the best.

Yeah it makes it less healthy, but better than the mountain of munchies I would have eaten prior :slight_smile:

Refusing to use the nesquick, was addicted to nesquick in porridge(choccy). One try of nesquick in huel and its game over for my healthy plan.

This had me intrigued, so I went over to Nesquik’s website to look at the ingredients of the “no added sugar” variety. It seems to contain all the things people complain about in meal replacement products. Honestly, I’d rather throw in some cocoa powder or a banana with cinnamon. Yum yum.