OMG ! Chocolate flavour is gorgeous!

Dear everyone at Huel! And to any potential customers!

The chocolate one is GORGEOUS!!! It’s dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. So doesn’t quite taste like Nesquik… but it is is pretty damn close! Oh my! Chocolate nesquik and healthy food?!



Just trying mine now and it is good, it is dark and the first few tastes I wasn’t convinced but now I’m enjoying it a lot!

If you Add a small amount of the toffee to the chocolate then you get a even better taste. The toffee tastes a lot sweeter and works well with the chocolate.

Just had that combination! Very sweet and delicious! Top tip!

I am so happy with the Huel guys! I used to be on joylentlife and their chocolate was very disappointing. So I was worried when I ordered the Huel chocolate but couldn’t be more wrong!

I haven’t worked out how much cocoa is in each serving yet but I do feel like I am getting my cocoa fix which helps me cut down on eating junk!

Eww! And I nearly bought the chocolate flavouring assuming it WAS milk chocolate.

I HATE dark chocolate. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks for the warning!