Just got my first Huel crate

Just got my first crate of Huel. New vanilla, unflavoured and the x9 booster sample. Is there anything similar to the booster pack I can purchase at supermarkets?

Not really, but cocoa tastes awesome!

Oh And cinnamon, you’ll find cocoa and cinnamon to be the “go to” recommendation on here. :slight_smile:

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Coffee. Cheap coffee granules.
Nesquik banana is also great and cheaper than the official flavour packs (it’s better with UU).
Yeah, I think that the official flavour packs are vastly overpriced and you’re better off (monetarily at least!) finding your own substitutes!
My faves are coffee, cinnamon, dirt cheap non branded hot chocolate, nesquick and a third of a sachet of Options caramel or mint.

Oooooh and nutmeg!

Yeah sweet spices work well. You can get flavourings in the baking section of supermarkets but you’ll have to experiment because they vary in strength and flavour.