Ordered my first batch of Huel

So I’ve just ordered my first batch of Huel. Went for 2 bags of vanilla, so fingers crossed I like the taste :slight_smile:

Have been reading these forums for about a week or so , so fairly confident I can be sure of an ‘interesting’ first week !

Initially using for nutritional reasons and hoping for a little weight loss at the same time

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welcome to the club! ive just ordered my 1st subscription (bought a cheeky bag on ebay for cheap to give it a test) only tried the vanilla and its great on its own, ive had some of the taste samples too and love the mocha, but you can use normal hot choc powder if you wanted to change it up a bit.
best tip is to follow instructions about easing into the powder and not a straight swap. i replace two meals a day in a bid to loose some timber, huel keeps me fuller for longer so less snacking!
you may experience a bit of a runny bum once you make the switch, i had 1 day like that but been fine since

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Yeah , I’ve read about the toilet issue… so probably best I start whilst I have a week off work :wink:

I’m hoping I’ll like the flavour as it comes but do have nesquik on standby :slight_smile:
Good luck with the journey …

Depending on your age, and you may remember readybrek the slightly sweet powdered porridge I had as a kid, and it’s like that. I use 400ml of water and 3 scoops as I like it a bit thicker. You can then put a dash of water in the bottle after you finish to get the dregs out and drink it, helps with the washing up too

Do you walk around with an orange glow? :stuck_out_tongue:

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