Huel and Nesquik

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have considered mixing Huel with a teaspoon of Nesquik to give some chocolate flavour??

I was already planning to do it with a teaspoon of coffee to as they recommended in the user guide.

I feel like it’d need quite a bit of Nesquik to achieve this. It also contains a fair bit of sugar!

I haven’t tried Nesquik, but 3 scoops of Unflavoured Huel with 1 scoop of Cadburys Drinking Chocolate is pretty awesome.

I have tried Tesco’s own brand powdered milkshakes in Huel. I have tried the banana and strawberry flavours, both were lovely. I used 3 scoops of vanilla huel and 2 teaspoons of milkshake. I have also used 2 teaspoons of butterscotch Angel Delight which worked well. Regarding chocolate I use 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder with 3 scoops of vanilla Huel. Chilli powder or Ground ginger work really well with cocoa powder.

Cocoa powder is my preferred choice for a chocolate taste. Nesquik and other hot chocolate mixes have quite a lot of sugar.

I use Green and Black’s Organic Cocoa which comes in various sizes, after it was recommended on here.


I’ve been using this stuff for a while, its really amazing lol.

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I found I had to use a LOT of Nesquik to make a real difference in flavour. Despite using the same quantity of Huel as usual and adding the Nesquik on top I somehow didn’t find it as filling as I normally do and then also had a big sugar crash a while afterwards.

I actually recommend Huel’s own flavour powders as you only need a teaspoon of it to get enough flavour. Preference is Banana, Chocolate and Toffee.

You mean sugar, because that is what Nesquick is