Too much caffeine

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as there are caffeinated Huel powders I have been wondering whether some of you consumes those types of Huel only due to flavour preferences. Theoretically one would be above the recommended limit of 300mg caffeine per day when consuming 2000kcal from Huel, so I asked myself whether it was even possible in the long run to live on that stuff only.

On the other hand different people are caffeine-sensitive to different degrees.

Have you ever got problems due to caffeine in Huel? Especially those of you who are on a 100% or almost 100% Huel only diet?

Most governmental food and drink bodies site 400mg a day as fine - caffeine doesn’t actually become a toxic threat until about 1200mg a day but its entirely dependant on your bodies ability to metabolise it - so it maybe more or it maybe less.

I would imagine if people are more sensitive to it but prefer the taste, then adding their own decaffeinated instant coffee to UU or original would be a better option.


Sure, but it does not blend well. And a premix is more convenient of course - if you’re traveling or on the road and need to prepare the shake with just water and a shaker this is not a good option.

If one has other caffeine-sources as well the limit of 400mg would also be exceeded. So I wondered whether someone was on 100% caffeinated Huel without any major problems like sleep disturbances.

instant coffee dissolves in any temperature water - even cold -so could be dissolved in the water with little effort before the other powder is added - hardly a huge inconvenince.


I love that Huel Black is lower carb and higher protein, but it frustrates me a little that it is caffeinated. I prefer to get 100% of my caffeine from green tea.

there’s only any detectable levels of caffeine in the coffee flavoured version.

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It says 65 mg on the back of the bag. That’s roughly two-thirds the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

yes thats what I said only the coffee version has detectable levels of caffeine. All the other versions have a small trace amount from the tea powder but this is less than half of what is legally classified as decaffeinated.

you could add your green tea to the UU Black version.

Ahhhhh, I misunderstood. Thank you. That’s good info. The coffee is a little too sweet for me.

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Yes, thanks for the info from me too.

It would still be interesting to know whether someone made it to live on the caffeinated powders only. Anyone? Do you think that would be possible without getting major sleep disturbances or other severe side effecfts from caffeine?

I’m pretty sure there won’t be somebody out there who consumes nothing but coffee flavoured Huel.

Just wondered whether it was possible to live on caffeinated Huel only - because Huel is complete food and you can live 100% on it; that’s why I wondered why the offer caffeinated powders. For the caffeinated ones it might not be possible to live completely on them.

But they don’t intend or expect people to actually do that. And I bet not one person who works at Huel, lives on Huel. Sure they might have tried it for a few weeks to see what it’s like, and they’ve done tests to make sure people don’t die if they eat it long-term. But only a tiny minority of people want to just eat one thing, all the time. Not enough people to sustain a business.

So they designed coffee Huel for people who want a meal with coffee in it, usually in the mornings. If wouldn’t completely blow my mind if one day, they offered an alcoholic version, so people can get rat-arsed in the evening. If you lived 100% on that you’d run into problems pretty fast.

I’d love to see the marketing for boozy Huel.


Chuck a shot of brandy in a chocolate RTD and have yourself a Brandy Alexander :joy:


Or do as I do, put Baileys in at Christmas :christmas_tree:


I wonder if one day there will be only meat Huel type products. Like in Asimov but instead of fungi they use ONLY MEAT!

There are people who have several energy drinks a day but that’s not going to be optimal to health.

A very small minority of people have Huel for 100% of their diet and then to reduce that down to just coffee Huel I don’t see happening.

Sleep disturbances will depend on tolerance levels but because of caffeine lingers around the body for a long time, any significant amounts of coffee consumed 10-12 hours from sleeping could affect a person’s sleep.

Is it really only a small minority? I thought most people ordering Huel lived on it 100%…

I’m pretty sure they know their own customer bases buying patterns…

I think there is only one person on the forum who has been 100% for years.