So I'm curious

After Dave gorman rather rudely spoke about huel in his TV show a few weeks ago, have sales actually increased due to the publicity? Is this a classic example of all publicity is good publicity? This is more directed to Julian but I’m just curious if it’s made a difference to sales really :slight_smile:

I always find Google Trends pretty useful -

This graph compares Huel, Joylent and Soylent as Search Terms in the UK. Was Dave Gorman partly responsible for the recent spike in interest?

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There was definitely a spike in Huel searches the night after the programme was aired if you narrow done the “interest over time” to last 31 days the spike clearly shows up on the 17 of December.

Dave has negatively effected sales. I think it’s a disgrace that Mr. Goreman can ridicule a small start on national TV, he didn’t try Huel, didn’t ask to use our video, isn’t a food critic and certainly not a nutrition expert, but he has a large-ish audience and people will believe him. It is easy to make fun of other people and to take things out of context but it’s also childish.

I can only think that he thought we were some large multinational. When in fact we are a small fledgling business. We will survive but he needs to take a hard look at himself. The next startup he ridicules might not be so lucky.

Well it got me to try it.

I will be using it for at least the next two months

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He would have also got me to try it (had I not been already)…I would have looked at the website and then given it a go. I tried it after reading a not 100% flattering review of the product…and I’m still using it a year later.

Is this definitely as a direct result of the tv show, or could other things (such as people generally using meal replacements less over the Christmas period, and New Years resolutions to change diet) be contributing factors?

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Did you contact Dave about the piece?

Our Pr company is trying to get a meeting arranged. I want to explain our side and hopefully stop him from attacking small companies in future.

Based on the number of times its mentioned in our Facebook ads yes I’m sure it has had a negative effect. I’ve no idea why he thought a company the size of Huel was a legitimate target.

Well, I hope it all gets sorted soon. I like both Huel and Dave Gorman. It’s like having two friends who hate each other.

I’ve a few of them…

I’m also here partly because of the show - out of curiosity I wanted to know more about the product. I started my huel experiment today, unlike how it was portrayed on the show as a complete meal replacement, it won’t replace every meal. I’m using it to watch my intake (really need to drop a few pounds) and have something to eat quickly during my mornings and lunch!

So far so good, I have found it filling, had no desire to snack on rubbish and it’s quick and easy to get started.


I had been looking into Huel for a while and I’ve been struck by the fact that reviews seem to fall into two neat categories: positive ones that focus on the product and negative ones that focus on the idea, e.g. “THE TERRIFYING FUTURE OF DINING”. (I have done Lipotrim in the past and know that people get very, very opinionated about meal replacements, so I’ve heard it all before).

Dave Gorman’s bit, while not a review, fell into the latter, but gave me the final push to try it. When trying something new the question at the back of my mind is “is this legitimate?” - I had done enough research to suggest huel was legitimate, but the fact Dave Gorman picked it up was the final confirmation: I figured he wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t. For that reason, and because of the old saying “any publicity is good publicity”, I’m surprised sales have been impacted and I hope they recover soon.

Incidentally, I’m really pleased with Huel and I’m going to order my second box this week.