Is Huel's Popularity Dramatically Taking Off?

I’ve noticed that there is quite an increase in the number of people posting here saying they are trying Huel for the first time. Is Huel experiencing an explosion in popularity?

Maybe by the time Soylent finally arrives in the UK, there will be no room for it because Huel will have conquered the market?


It’s not hard to get people to try it. I’ve gotten about 5 people on it now at work and i only started a good month ago.


If every person got 5 people to try it, and each of them got 5 people to try it, and so on, to 10 levels deep, that would mean 9,765,625 people.

Okay, so I need to find something more interesting to occupy my evening…

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I’d like to think it’s because of me spreading the word via social networking :grinning:

I’m a newbie. Never heard of it before but saw a Facebook add and decided to give it a go. Now today a mate has tried off my recommendation so there’s another newbie.

I’m new here (ordered 3 products already) and I also referred someone, who too is going to be buying regularly I believe.

I decided to try Huel after I heard about it from Mike Hall - one of the presenters of the “Skeptics with a K” podcast. I started using it regularly because it fulfilled a need in replacing the workday lunch without the post-lunch “dip” in energy levels and associated drowsiness (officially known as post-prandial somnolence).

Thank you to all of you for spreading the word! Don’t forgot to use the Refer a Friend scheme - - save some of your well deserved pennies!

The most powerful way for growth of Huel and therefore better products for you guys is by word of mouth! So keep it up because we can’t express how much we appreciate it!


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Let’s start a revolution!

Julian for President!

Oh, wait, I’ve gone too far, haven’t I?


I came across Huel a couple weeks ago, Ivisited a friend after doing some reasearch into it and had a conversation with him about it which ended up with him buying a couple of weeks worth :slight_smile: I actually reffered someone before id even made an account on here haha!

I’d love to know how the business is doing, interesting to see if there’s a big future in-store for these kind of dietary products.

I certainly hope so.

I hope they are playing the long game.

I definitely think the demand is there.

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Agreed. The demand and interest has definitely taken off. Ive spoken with five people at work, all of whom are ordering/have ordered Huel.

I’ve not used the refer a friend scheme, but I’m quite happy to continue my huelling!

What I am interested to know, is how the gluten free Huel is doing?!

My mum is actually planning on ordering some foe her breakfasts! She won’t be tested for coeliac disease, but has very similar symptoms to me, so ive pointed her towards GF Huel.

So that explains why I would get really drowsy at about 3-4pm after lunch!

Regarding the explosion in popularity - Huel is doing a good run of social media advertising. Which, incidentally, is also what Soylent is doing.

Facebook has an incredible (and somewhat scary) targeted ad system. This includes its subsidiary Instagram.

I was looking at Soylent on Google a couple months back, and boom, it appears in my Instagram feed. No use, as it’s US only, but then I look into it more and discover Huel via Reddit.

What do you know? Facebook and Instagram showing up with Huel adverts. And lots of comments from Joe Public wanting to try it out.

We’re all doing our bit. Managed to get a couple of our American cousins to look into it last night via Twitter. They spot the fact that it doesn’t contain sucralose immediately. Also the fact it wasn’t manufactured in a rat infested s’hole to start with must appear :slight_smile: that’s the magic of cookies and various software robots running out there literally providing tracking information of page visits and your interests. They form a map of your connections, the apps you use, the platforms you have. Really won’t be long before the mere presence of your phone in your pocket or watch on your wrist triggers bespoke ads when you’re wandering around shops… I’ve decided to just embrace it but “going dark” certainly appeals :smile:

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