Somtach cramps since upgrading to 2.3


I’ve been using Huel 2.2 for nearly a year (I usually have one a day as an extra meal as I often find it difficult to maintain weight - nice problem to have, I know)

Since switching to V2.3 I’ve been getting REALLY bad stomach cramps. Has anyone else experienced this since switching to the new version??


Sorry to hear that you aren’t getting along with your v2.3, there isn’t any specific reason why this would happen with v2.3 and not v2.2. Has anything else changed in your diet recently?


You are not alone, I feel physically sick using new improved huel. Can’t be good ! Huel exchanged one unopened bag. Still 8 pounds in postage and the opened bag at 22.50 wasted. Plus very worrying to have a physical reaction to this new product !


Me too. I had no problems on 2.1.
Now on 2.3 I experience bloating, and gas.
The lower abdomen really inflates like a balloon on 2.3, while on 2.1 stayed normal.

I’m talking about a basically 100% Huel regimen.

I think it might be the different way oat is processed.

Someone suggested a little bit of oil in the shaker, it does help, but I’m a little bit sad, since the experience was better on 2.1…