Sorry Huel, it's not me it's you.....headaches

Hi all,

I have recently started using Huel and love it, however I don’t love the almost instant headache that comes with using it.
I have read all the other threads and have tried it all, drinking a LOT more water, adding some coffee, increasing Sodium etc etc but it doesn’t help.

I tried to push past it in the hope it will stop as I really like Huel not just the shakes but the whole brand and ethos but the headaches are just not worth it.
I suffer from migraines and it’s like having a mini migraine about 20 mins after a shake for about 5 hours.

So I have had to seek an alternative that doesn’t do this, I really hope they fix this in the future and if they do I will be back but for now it’s time to say goodbye but thanks for the free T-Shirt, it’s sooooooo soft.

Is anyone else suffering from this and considering stopping using it?

Kind Regards


it’s most likely a trigger from one of the ingredients. Sweeteners can occasionally be a trigger for some people – are you normally OK with sucralose or stevia? The only way to know for sure would be a process of elimination.

Migraine triggers are very varied and different people react differently - so ‘fixing’ something that will suit everyone would be near impossible.

Thanks for the reply, yep I am fine with Sweeteners, the one I have switched to has it (Surcralose) and I use Stevia in hot drinks and ho headaches.

Yes I know its going to be hard to fix but given the number of posts you see when you search for “Huel headaches” in Google then it must be something that commonly affects people.

Anyway this isn’t a “screw you Huel” I really like the shakes and the brand as I have said but I just cannot carry on, like I say it’s not worth the headaches.

Kind Regards


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What are your normal migraine triggers? Are you ok with gluten and oats, for example? Just thinking maybe Black Edition might be worth trying as a last resort, if that’s not what you’ve had already

Actually it IS you. See a doctor?


I am using the black edition but have also tried the normal one to see if that helps, both the same.

It’s all good, I am glad it works for some people just not me thats all.

Hey James, it sucks that you couldn’t get on with Huel! I think you’re taking the best option as you know your body best, our body works in weird ways sometimes.

The causes of migraines are hard to pin down and James has laid out his explanation in a thoughtful manner. Please treat everyone on the forum with respect even if you don’t necessarily agree with them.


Nothing in the ingredients list that’s a known trigger? Have you tried half measures? Maybe having Huel with other food? I imagine so. :frowning:

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So my trigger is cheese, so I don’t touch it.
I haven’t tried half measures to be completely honest, I have some left so I might give it a go.

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t and don’t want this to be or become a hating on Huel thread, if I am being honest I was hoping someone would have posted “Yes this happened to me, this is what I did and it fixed it” so I can stay with Huel.

I am going to keep what I have left in case someone does suggest something I haven’t tried and the half measures is one I will give a go and report back.

Kind Regards


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hope it goes better!

I only do one scoop of huel black a day in 300ml of coconut milk an frozen fruit to match/complement depending on which flavour I’m having, but occasionally I’ve missed a day maybe two, now this might be weird but I’ve started to get headaches on the days I don’t have my one scoop of huel has this happened to anyone else, has anyone got any ideas why this might be happening. I don’t do caffeine, I eat a banana a day, drink plenty of water. Help

Maybe it is just a stress response due to the high fibre content. This is something most people experience when starting Huel, even in low amounts.

Hmmm this is a strange one Suzannah and to be honest I don’t have a solid answer for you. One scoop of Huel is only 200kcal so it might be something else that is happening in your life that could be difficult to pin down.

I found I got really really bad headaches with the Huel Black Banana flavour, and occasional mild headaches with the Vanilla flavour. Salted Caramel and Cookies and Cream are completely fine however.

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