State of play with Huelwear

Just curious what if anything we could expect in 2023 – I remember a lot of feedback at launch revolved around sizing – will there be a short (29/30”) inseam jean offered?, larger performance shirts/accessories etc. it’s definitely all quiet on the social media front for this part of the product range which may or may not bode well :blush:

Good point. I was looking at items a few months ago and they were out of stock in my size, checked back a couple weeks back, still out of stock, and just checked now, no change there.

We’re really proud of Huelwear and what we achieved with the collection, but we don’t have any current plans to create new lines moving forward.

Which items are your favourite? :slightly_smiling_face:

The Hoodie is definitely my favourite purchase. I was just hanging on for the short inseam Jeans young Julian was promising a while back. If you don’t want to call them short – just call them cropped – it’s basically the same thing and will potentially draw the hipster All Saints crowd in like bees to the (vegan) honey pot :slight_smile:

great choice :raised_hands: hoodie is a personal favourite of mine too although I’m a spiller and got the white… which didn’t end too well for it.

Who doesn’t love a cropped jean! :joy:

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But what about out of stock sizes? Are they coming back in or is it the end of the line?