User experience with Huel merchandise

Is there anyone who bought Huel zipped hoodies or joggers (or anything else) and cares to
share their experiences with this ? (sizes, quality, comfort, etc.)
Asking this, as a search doesn’t show me any existing topics (not even one :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

Thanks in advance :sunglasses:

Definitely a few people have posted about the hoodys recently - saying they are real nice quality


Great thanks, I’ve been using the search but not a single topic showed up.
Appreciate the link, replied there aswell :grin:

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I bought my hoody at the mix’n’mingle about 18 months ago, and I love it! It’s great quality, somewhat heavier weight fabric than normal, so great for this time of year. Also love the tshirts, haven’t tried the trousers as I live in jeans.