Steve Bartlett joins Huel Board

This is a very cool day for us and I wanted to share the news with you all. I’m very proud to announce that today Steven Bartlett is officially joining the Huel Board as a Non-Executive Director.

Steve is one of the UK’s most successful young entrepreneurs. He started from nothing, like me, built Social Chain (a hugely innovative and disruptive social media agency) from scratch to hundreds of people, floated it on the stock market for about £200m, he has over a million followers on instagram, a number 1 podcast (diary of a CEO), a best selling book, all before his 29th birthday, which is simply phenomenal.

Plus he is so intelligent, a genuinely nice guy, and has been a a Hueligan for about 4 years. So this was a match made in heaven.

At Huel we like to do things differently and Steven’s experience of challenging conventional ideas is a perfect fit as we continue to grow globally.

You can listen to the podcast I did with him here too, or anywhere you get podcasts, it’s e.35 - Spotify

You can read the Times article here…


Nice one @Julian - that’s quite a coup. You’re clearly delighted, and it does look like Steven has a lot to offer Huel as it grows into the best company it can be. Congratulations to you and the team.


Excited to see what new ideas he brings to the table. Social Media has always been Huel’s strong point in communication - with follower engagement on Insta literally double than their closest rival.

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AH, now the price rises make sense!

…only if you have no clue what a NED is.


I hope he wears a Huel t-shirt when he joins Dragons Den. BBC don’t mind a bit of advertising do they?

considering we pay our NED £1000 a day, this high profile individual must come at quite the price.

according to his comments on him joining Huel - it was as investor - his renumeration (if he takes any) is also only for the days he works there and typically NED’s do not work many days at one place in the year - certainly not enough to fundamentally alter the company’s profits.

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