Stevia instead of Sucralose sweetener?

Hi, have you thought of using Stevia Sweetener instead of Sucralose?
Just as I don’t really get on with artifical sweeteners

That’s why the unflavored unsweetened version exists. You can then add whatever you want.

I can’t abide the taste of stevia, so the vanilla Huel wouldn’t work for me if that’s what it used.

I wasn’t 100% convinced by sucralose either, but after less than two days I’d adjusted to the taste completely. Not so with the stevia products I’ve tried, though. Yuck :frowning:

Thankful if Huel doesn’t fall for the appeal to nature bullshit. But maybe that’s just me.

I Think I would prefer aspartame myself, but sucralose is fine.


Stevia tastes like arse… I don’t get the hype.

Sucralose doesn’t even get absorbed in the gut as far as I’m aware.

Notably, in addition to the fact unflavoured and unsweetened Huel doesn’t have sucralose, all of the flavour packs they sell use stevia as their sweetener. As such, if you don’t like the taste of unflavoured, you can add a flavour pouch (or multiple) in the flavours you like, and benefit from the stevia that way.