Store in a cool dry place

When i went to get a different flavour bag from a cupboard, i noticed this bag was cooler than the one i usually use, The open ones i store in a cupboard which is about 2 feet above a radiator and the heating is on a lot

The open bags are never hot but are mildly warm, definitely not as cool as the unopened ones in the other cupboard…enough that i can tell a difference by feeling both bags

What are the downsides here ?

Chance of bacteria growth ?
Loss of nutrients etc ?

Im aware it says store in a cool dry place…but how stable is the powder ?

Do they need throwing out ?

This is the closest answer to your question on the forum, but James was answering to my question about storing sealed bags, not opened ones.

I would suggest you find somewhere cooler to store your Huel.
As for the open bags, there’s probably been some degradation of nutrients, but as long as no moisture at all has got inside the bags, they will be fine.
Does the powder taste and smell ok?
Is there any sign of moisture / condensation inside the bags?
Does it taste and smell ok?
How long have the bags been open?

As long as it seems ok, I would personally drink it!
If it smells or tastes ‘off’ it’s probably best to chuck it…
It’s probably ok though but possibly slightly less nutritious


@ChristinaT has said what I was going to say.
If they haven’t been there long and looks and smells ok give it a try and if it tastes ok I am sure it will be fine. Just store it somewhere else maybe where your unopened ones are.

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