Huel ready-to-drink storage


I just bought some ready to drink huel and I was wondering, is it okay to store all bottles in the fridge or do I have to put 2-3 bottles each time to chill them? Just wanted to make sure it will still be safe to drink if for example I have a Huel RTD for 3 months(unopened) in the fridge.


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Hmm, I hadn’t given this a thought, just put all mine in the fridge as there was plenty of space there. I would assume it would be absolutely fine, but if anyone knows otherwise, please say.

This is an interesting question, as some vitamins / minerals / nutrients are best stored cool and dry and out of light… and not refridgerated. Not sure why - maybe keeping certain ingredients chilled for prolonged periods of time could cause some changes… I have no idea.
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Could we get some science on this please James :grin:
Do you recommend the RTD is stored at room temperature for long periods or is it okay in the fridge long-term?

Can you also answer the same question for the powder?
I live in a one bed flat so have a shed in the garden where I stock stuff up.
I have assumed however that it would be best not to store my unopened bags of powder outside, as it can get very hot in the shed in the summer, and very cold in there in the winter. Am I right to not store it in the shed? Or will the temp it is stored at not affect it?

There’s no recommendations on the packaging, so it would be great to know
Thanks :slight_smile:


Huel RTD can be stored at room temperature or in a fridge (in fact it’s nicer when drunk chilled). The process and aseptic bottling method ensures it will meet shelf life and that there will be no degradation of vitamins and minerals over this period.

Powder - should ideally be stored at room temperature, but if this is chilled there is no problem. However, you might expect some degradation on some nutrients if powder is stored warm


An update on RTD storage.

Sorry for bumping up an old thread. This is quite a popular thread and is often used for and referred back to as guidance on this topic, so it’s important to update it.

Previously we have said that storing your Ready-to-drink (RTD) in the fridge long term isn’t a problem. The above advice was from two years ago.

However, recently we have been receiving reports of chilled RTD becoming increasingly thick over time when stored under chilled conditions beyond 2-3 weeks.

The technical and new product development teams have been testing this and have found this to be the case. What we are going to do is update the label to advise to store in the cupboard and chill before use.

If you are storing Huel RTD for long periods of time (i.e. months) we now advise that you do this at room temperature and chill your RTD overnight. I.e. please no longer store entire boxes of RTD in the fridge, but rather store them in the cupboards and chill them overnight.

(added bonus that doing so will also reduce your energy consumption from your fridge too :raised_hands: :earth_africa: )


is it having any impact other than consistency? I had noticed the thickness but didn’t really mind it. (I usually keep them on the lowest shelf of the fridge or even the salad tray as it less of an impact than on the higher shelves)

There’s no other impact on the RTD, it is purely a physical texture issue. Taste and nutrition will be unaffected. This is quite common in products like this, ones with high proteins, fats, mineral salts etc

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My first bottle of chocolate rtd I had stored in the fridge for quite a while. When I eventually gave it a try it was certainly very thick. I really enjoyed it like that. My next bottle in the fridge was not stored very long and I was dissapointed that it was not thick like my 1st bottle. There was absolutely no difference in taste and the 1st bottle was just a personal preference for me. :sake:Because I liked the chocolate rtd after trying it never stays long in the fridge nowadays. :yum:

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I’ll just have to drink them quicker :blush: it’s not practical to store them outside of the fridge here because of the crazy temperatures my apartment gets to :fire: :rofl:

SInce I bought a box I have them at room temperature. If I buy from a supermarket where they are in the fridge i’ll store them in the fridge however, any I bought from Huel just stay in a room and i’ll either take them to work at room temp or keep a few in the fridge.

I don’t often buy RTD but when I do I store them at room temp.

I had a disaster recently where I stored all my RTD in the fridge and my fridge randomly decided to ice up. The RTD froze, and when it defrosted it became a thin watery liquid with spongey chunks floating around. 0/10 do not recommend. I’ve since fixed my fridge but out of habit I now store my RTD at room temp until the day before I use it.