Huel RTD bulk buying

I’m interested in bulk buying RTD huel. But unfortunately I don’t think I’d have the space in a fridge to store them… is it possible to store them in a cupboard and refrigerate a couple bottles at a time before drinking them? Or would they go bad?

Yes you can do that :slight_smile:

is pretty much exactly how you are supposed to store ambient food - in a cool, dry dark place.

no - you don’t need to refrigerate them unless you want to drink them cold or they have been opened but not finished. Can’t find the thread but recall Huel actually advised to not refrigerate them more than 7 days and just chill them when you needed them.

Hey Mikey, as others have helpfully said you don’t need to refrigerate them as RTD is filled aspetically, but I think they are better drunk cold so you can do exactly as you suggested.

Tim said something ages ago saying it’s recommended not to long term store them in the fridge and only chill them when it’s likely you’ll be drinking them.

Where is Tim? That hammock has swallowed him

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