Strawberries & cream complete protein

Anyone else find the flavour of the strawberries & cream protein really odd? I have had lots of other makes of strawberry protein powder and found them really nice but this one doesn’t taste of strawberry. It’s also very dark pink which reminds me more of raspberry and a hideous raspberry medicine we used to have in the 80s.

I prefer the choc one. Especially as you can use it for a tub for rice cakes after it’s done. Or as my fiancée just did now


Ah sorry you aren’t so much of a fan of the Strawberries & Cream. I think that the flavour of this is very much confectionary style as opposed to blended strawberries! Are there any other flavours you are enjoying?

This is actually such a good hack!

I’m getting used to it now. I think it was the bright pink colour that put me off!
I love the vanilla fudge!!
Rice cake tub, great idea!!!

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