Strawberry Black Huel

Hi everyone, if any of you have tried the strawberry and cream flavour, please could you tell me if the flavour is really sweet?
Thanks everyone. :blush:

I’m a sweet tooth so take this into consideration: it’s not too sweet, a bit compared to salted caramels but nothing that you might dislike.

Thank you so much for that. I will give it a try. :blush:

In my opinion it’s one of the best BE flavour I’ve tried so far (Banana, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate)

Others mentioned that the flavor is suppressed, might be relevant information. For me, I found it difficult to taste it. Sometimes I am struggling to differentiate the taste and I wonder if I just had strawberries & Cream or another flavor like vanilla.
Although cream/yoghurt mellows out the flavor. What is the purpose of mellowing out strawberries? Just seems unnecessary, we do not taste the cream as there is no milk so might as well strengthen the strawberry flavour, if that is possible. If it was not possible then adding cream to the name seems like the right call.

Banana has an oaty flavor. It is reminiscent of baby food. Texture, taste and perhaps even the smell. Like those jars with baby food wherein they add crackers or biscuits along with some mooshed banana.
The chocolate tastes a bit artificial, some maybe mentioned the aftertaste.
Vanilla tastes vanilla-like.
Salted caramel tastes like caramel however not everyone might like caramel or coffee caramel.
Cookies & Cream tastes like the cookies part without the cream obviously because it has no milk or cream in it.

Thanks guys. I will work my way through the different flavours. My favourite so far is the vanilla with instant coffee added to it. Can’t get enough of the stuff! Use it instead of a pudding sometimes. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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A pinch of salt also enhances the flavour a lot!

I’m not a fan of strawberry and cream. But mixed 50/50 with cookies and cream it’s great. In fact I’ve just had it for Sunday lunch. That mix has been mentioned several times before but just in case you haven’t seen it I thought it was worth another mention.

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Oh ok, thanks for that suggestion I will give that a try. Happy Sunny Sunday🌞

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Yep, 50/50 strawberries and cream/cookies and cream works great.

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Thanks Bee.:blush:

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You’re kind of right here, ‘cream’ flavours (note: flavours not actual cream obviously) work really well with the base of ingredients we use, so that is why it’s gone that way. Similar with the caramel options, they work well with Huel base.

My wife adds the strawberry flavour boost, she loves it that way

Strawberries and Cream BE is one of my favourites. I don’t find it too sweet, it tastes a bit like strawberry nesquik to me, and is definitely more “milkshakey” than some of the others.


Thanks for that, I can’t wait to try it. :blush: