*New* Strawberries & Cream Black Edition

Interesting! Just got this email but after I had already made my monthly huel order. Something I would love to try!

Poll added, what do you think of the new S&C?

  • Amazing Love it and would buy again
  • It’s nice enough and I might get it again
  • It’s okay but not for me
  • Nope, No, Not a chance!

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I’m so excited! :strawberry: :exploding_head: This is exactly the kind of flavour I’ve been waiting for! I know there’s lots of salted caramel and banana lovers here but I live for strawberries and cream, I hope it’s as good as it sounds. :heart_eyes: :strawberry:


can we start a sweepstake about how long it will take for the ‘how can it be vegan if it has cream in it?’ questions start appearing? @hunzas you can keep hold of the pot… :slight_smile:


Im with you, love a banana but this intrigues me. Will have to wait till im done with my 2 vanilla ones.

Always have my current order on the way when a new one releases it seems, haha, oh well putting this on my next order.

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It’s always the way! Your order with much excitement and then the next thing comes out!
Still need to get through my current batch - here comes the quadruple scoops :eyes::heart_eyes::sweat_smile:

At least we have something to look forward to!

Funnily enough I am have often seen asked Astonish can make a hand wash called milk and honey when it contains neither.

Hope you guys are excited! It tastes really really good! Sorry of course to anyone that has just purchased your Huel, don’t worry it will still be there when you next order!


Bold of you to assume you can supply it for others faster than I can order it for myself.


It better be :see_no_evil:


I was really excited to try the banana and the salted caramel in my next order- now I have to decide between 3 flavours - you do like to make life hard lol

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I’d love to try this and would buy a bag now along with bars and RTD, but I don’t need two bags. The need for a minimum order of each product as opposed to overall is so annoying.

you don’t need to and the new flavour has already been included to the option to add single products to orders.

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As an extra to 2 boxes of bars, 3 H&S or 2 Bags though. I think what Sealsker means is you can’t order one bag along with a couple of RTD’s and a few bars.

This is my only gripe with the ordering system. I would happily have a longer delivery time on smaller purchases or even pay for delivery if under sa certain amount to order what I want.


OK got it. If and when normality resumes, pop up shops for product launches like they did for H&S would also be a good way to get the brand out there and let people try products out.

Totally up for that. I would love it if Huel sold tester 1 off packets so you don’t have to commit to a whole bag.

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Did this happen all over the UK Phil? Only for product launches? I have never heard of this before.

I agree Martyn it would be pretty awesome. I’d be more inclined to grab every flavour tester possible and then buy the actual bags - pretty much in the same way I did for the flavour boosts! Helped me to decide which one I’d commit to (knowing I would actually like it!!!)
Having said that this option could get pretty dangerous :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I think they did do these a few years ago but for some reason there wasn’t enough demand or it just didn’t work?

Me eating numerous tester packets

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they did it London for the H&S launch but due to covid situation it was a limited attendance invite thing to control numbers. under normal circumstances it would be a nice way of launching new products nationally in a few locations.